RUFF SNACK Freeze Dried Snacks


The same recipe as our RUFF BARS in a freeze dried snack. Firm, not soft like our Simply Kairos Snacks. 

Something to consider when purchasing freeze dried products: the recovery rate is about 19-35%. What that means is we're not shipping the moisture to you. For example, 10 lbs of meat and veggies weighs 1.9 - 3.5 lbs (!!) when it comes out of the freeze dryers. 

We use antibiotic and hormone free ranch raised proteins and (wild caught) salmon!

 Tested by urban doggos on the go and outdoor adventurers!

  • Human Grade, no feed grade, ingredients
  • No GMO ingredients, preservatives or fillers
  • Freeze dried raw
  • Easily digestible
  • Food for dogs of all ages and sizes

On the go snack or meal topper

Conveniently packaged in a 2 oz resealable bags. 

Proteins available:

Venison - heat
Duck - cooling
Rabbit - cooling



Duck (Ground Necks), Carrots, Chia Seeds and Dates

Rabbit (Ground Rabbit meat, Rabbit Heart, Rabbit Liver and Bone), Carrots, Chia Seeds and Dates

Venison (Ground Chuck, Bone), Carrots, Chia Seeds and Dates 


Other Proteins seasonably available:

Beef (Ground Chuck, Liver, Heart, Bone)   

Emu (Ground)

Guinea Hen (Ground Guinea Hen, Heart, Liver and Bone)

Pheasant (Ground Pheasant, Liver, Bone)

Quail (Ground Guinea Hen, Heart, Liver, Bone) 

Turkey (Turkey Necks, Heart, Liver and Bone)


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BY THE WAY, Kairos Pantry makes a great base for any of our herbs or toppers. Want to know more? Check out our 'What Herbs Do I Need' or 'Herb Glossary' sections! 

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