Kairos Herb Snacks


Original Kairos Herb Treats and Seasonal Herb Treats!

First ingredient is real meat (currently duck), combined with our herb mixes (Healthy Coat or Flex and occasionally a seasonal mix like Pumpkin Berry Spice).


Something to consider when purchasing freeze dried products: the recovery rate is about 19-35%. What that means is we're not shipping the moisture to you. For example, 10 lbs of meat and veggies weighs 1.9 - 3.5 lbs (!) when it comes out of the freeze dryers. 


Tested by urban doggos on the go and outdoor adventurers!

  • Human Grade, no feed grade, ingredients
  • No GMO ingredients, preservatives or fillers
  • Freeze dried raw
  • Easily digestible
  • Food for dogs of all ages and sizes


On the go snack or meal topper

Conveniently packaged in 4 oz resealable bags. 



Pumpkin Berry Spice - Duck (Ground, heart, liver),  organic pumpkin, goats milk, cinnamon, rosemary, cranberry, ginger, turmeric, pepper
Healthy Coat - Duck (Ground, heart, liver),  Dandelion Root, Nettle, Cleavers, Burdock, Chamomile, Kelp, Calendula Marigold
Flex - Duck (Ground, heart, liver), Celery Seed, Cleavers, Dandelion Root, Devil's Claw Root, Hawthorn Tops, Meadowsweet, Milk Thistle Seed and Nettle 


Other Proteins seasonably available with a custom order. Contact Sue@bigskyproducts.us



Guinea Hen 







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BY THE WAY, Kairos Pantry makes a great base for any of our herbs or toppers. Want to know more? Check out our 'What Herbs Do I Need' or 'Herb Glossary' sections! 

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