Aronia Berries (Freeze Dried - 6 oz resealable pouch)

Organically grown at Wintercrest Farms LLC in Kalispell, Montana


The Aronia Berry (also known as a Purple Chokeberry) is one of the most nutrient dense fruits on the planet!

 Add a few berries to your pups meal or a small spoonful to a smoothie mix

*Aronia Berries have higher antioxidant levels than other berries (triple of the Blueberry and double of the Acai Berry), These guys pack an antioxidant punch like no other all while being low in sugar!

*Aronia Berries contain the highest levels of Anthocyanin and Proanthocyanidins compared to other berry "Superfruits". Anothocyanins have been proven to protect cells from oxidative damage, helping joint health and reducing C-reactive proteins. While Proanthocyanidins offer a wide variety of health benefits from improved circulation to reduced allergy production.

Researchers found that aronia was effective at reducing blood pressure, and might help combat high blood pressure in the arteries.

In addition the amazing Aronia Berry has been found to improve circulatory, respiratory and digestives systems, prevent gastric damage, protect the liver and enhance overall wellness! 


Black chokeberry is one of the common names for Aronia Melanocarpa. The name “chokeberry” can easily be misunderstood as the word “chokecherry.” Chokecherry is the common name for a different plant, prunus virginiana. In fact, the two plants are only distantly related to the rose family of plants.

Chokecherries are harmful to pets but Aronia berries / chokeberries are not. 


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